Do you only make Cakes?

Most of our orders are Celebration Cakes, Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes, but we also offer Cake Toppers, Homemade Biscuits, Cheesecakes, Cake Pops, Whoopie Pies and Brownies and Wedding Flowers

Do you make cakes for people with food allergies/intolerances?

Our kitchen is not approved to cater for this, there are very strict regulations. Because we use all different ingredients in the same kitchen, there is always a risk of cross contamination. We have the knowledge and training to avoid this from happening but we can’t guarantee and don’t take any responsibility.


Is your business registered?

Yes, we are registered with Revenue, CRO, Insurance and get regular visits from the Enviroment Health Officer (EHO). We are happy to provide proof of documentation.

We are aware of lots of Hobby Bakers selling their goods without being registered, but note that everybody selling a product or service is required to go through different legal stages and requirements.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

There’s no proper answer to this. It’s depending on how many orders we have booked already, the sooner the better to avoid disappointment. Due to the high standard and time involved that we provide, we can only take max. five orders every week. We need at least five days in advance for celebration cakes and cupcakes to give us time to start making the decorations. Wedding cakes involve consultations and tastings and have to be booked at least a month before the date.

Do you deliver?

Usually orders are picked up from our premises but we can arrange deliver nation wide for an extra cost. Wedding Cakes are always set up by me on the day or the day before the Wedding. Pick up times and orders have to be confirmed latest a week before the date. 

Can you put pictures on the Cake?

We don’t have an edible printer, all our decorations are handpainted, but if you really want your picture on the cake we can order it for you.

If I send you a Photo of a Cake I've seen somewhere, can you make the same?

This is a tough one and often causes discussions under cake designers. In this business we all take Inspirations and ideas from other peoples work, but we made it our policy not to copy cake designs. First of all, your cake would never look exactly the same as it’s impossible to match colours just from looking at pictures. No handcrafted cake will look the same, not even ours. But the main reason why we don’t do it, is out of Respect. The original cake creator spent a lot of time and effort on creating the cake design and as much as we wouldn’t like our ideas to be copied, we understand that he/she would feel the same. Especially when the cake in question is from another local business, it wouldn’t be very fair. We work better when we can add our own personality to our creations and that’s what we want to be known for.

If there is a certain design that you really want us to make, there would be the option of asking the original creator for permission and crediting him/her

Of course there are certain very popular designs that have been recreated so many times that it’s impossible to track the original, and we would feel very happy to make it.

We love your Cakes and Services but what makes you different to other Businesses?

Your special day is all about you – that’s what we try to capture and translate it into your unique Cake.

Unlike big bakeries that mass produce large quantities of the same cakes (often made from powdered cake mix) we bake your cake especially for you, using only the best ingredients. All our cakes are made the traditional way from scratch, using Irish Butter, Sugar, Free Range Eggs, Flour, Fairtrade Cocoa Powder, High Quality Chocolate (min. 55% Cocoa, not Chocolate Flavoured Cake Covering), fresh Lemon… you get the picture. We also use our own Fruit Curd & Coulis that we make in our kitchen.

All our decorations are Handcrafted and personalised, so feel free to send us as much information and pictures as possible.

When it comes to your Cake Design you will find that we will try and capture your requirements, add our expertise and personal style and translate it into your unique Creation. Attention to details is our big strenght and we don’t stop until it reflects our high Standard.

This all sounds great, but why is it so expensive? It is just a cake, isn't?

We are aware of the fact that our cakes does cost more than what you can get somewhere else. At the same time we are not expensive -and definitely no rip offs! Let us explain this:

What most people don’t realise is that cake design is a specialised craft, where you need to understand what you’re doing. Anybody who ever had a go at it at home will know that there is a lot of knowledge and experience required to get the standard that we provide. This includes understanding of the ingredients, icing, modelling and construction. The presentation and finish of our cakes is just as important as the taste, this includes clean neat work, sugarpaste covered boards and nice ribbons.

In most cases if you are being charged cheaper prices, wou are not paying for the time and attention the you deserve. Low quality ingredients will result in poor taste (ever had dry cake?then you know what we are talking about). Lack of knowledge of assembly can cause major disasters like collapsing cakes. Believe us, we’ve seen amazing tiered cakes that unfortunatelly didnt survive the delivery because they weren’t constructed properly. Another bad example are cakes delivered in used grocery cardboard boxes. We are sure you wouldn’t like to eat your cake out of a box previously containing raw meat or sprayed vegetables (our EHO would shut us down immediately).

All our prices are analysed on a regular basis(especially after our Tax Return) due to constantly rising cost of ingredients and we research and discuss them with our cake friends. 

We come from a Catering and Business background and have completed lots of courses, including some about pricing. We understand that to you it might be just a cake, but like in any other business providing a product or service (hairdresser, restaurant, plumber…) you don’t just pay for the ingredient/product, in fact this is the smallest cost involved. Our main cost factors are hidden costs and our time, time that we spend not just creating your cake but also other aspects of running a business. These are the costs that lots of other cakers forget to integrate into their prices, meaning that they undercharge themselves. Believe it or not, we are getting less then minimum wage for the time and effort we put into most of our cake creation. 

We will add an entry blog about this in near future, to highlight how much more there is involved in the price of your cake.

How can I place an order or contact you to discuss details?

You find all contact details here[to edit], on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Please note that we can’t give you price quotes over the phone because we need time to work out the cost of your individual cake. Every cake is different. We appreciate if you could provide us with as many details as possible, to be able to give you a price as soon as possible.